Tax Advisory

As the tax strategies of multinationals and domestic companies continue to be examined by both tax authorities and the public alike, we work with our clients to develop tax strategies that are fit for purpose in the tax system of tomorrow. Working with clients to define the tax department of tomorrow. To keep pace with the reporting changes, Large corporations will need to evaluate their in-house resources to determine if they will be able to manage additional requirements and responsibilities. They will also need to assess their systems to ensure that they can meet new requirements for multijurisdictional reporting.

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How can we help

How can we help

Are you seeking reliable and comprehensive tax guidance to navigate the complexities of today's ever-changing tax landscape? Look no further than our Tax Advisory Services. We understand that managing your taxes efficiently is crucial for financial success, and our team of seasoned tax professionals is dedicated to providing you with expert advice tailored to your unique needs.

How we do it

The process begins with an initial consultation between the tax advisory firm and the client. During this meeting, the tax professionals gather information about the client's financial situation, goals, and any specific challenges they may be facing. This helps in understanding the client's needs and tailoring the advisory services accordingly.After the initial consultation, the tax advisors conduct a thorough analysis of the client's financial records, including income statements, expense reports, and any relevant documentation.Based on the financial analysis, the tax advisory team develops a personalized tax plan for the client. The goal is to create a tax strategy aligned with the client's financial objectives. Tax laws and financial situations can change, so it's essential to provide ongoing monitoring and adjustments to the tax plan.

Personalized Tax Planning, Compliance and Filings:

Our experienced tax advisors will work closely with you to develop a personalized tax plan that maximizes your deductions, minimizes liabilities, and ensures compliance with the latest tax regulations.

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Tax Audit

Analyzing and raising any incompliance with the laws and regulations. Proposing the best solutions, which will cover all risks.

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Annual tax filings for individuals

Starting from January 2024 all individuals and shareholders of the companies in Armenia must independently fill their annual tax reports of their annual income. Our professional team will take care of that.

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Robert Melikyan, PhD

Founder, Managing partner

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