One of the most valuable assets in the world today is trust. But it can be one of the hardest things to achieve. In an increasingly complex world, knowing what and whom to trust – and why – can be elusive.  Melikyans & Company Audit & Assurance is uniquely positioned to help provide comfort and confidence amidst complexity and change. That is why we are enhancing our Assurance capabilities – and drawing on complementary strengths from across our company – to deliver comfort and confidence, and drive additional value, across a broader range of areas.

How can we help?

Help is at hand for businesses looking to address issues and risks in controllership, accounting and financial reporting; treasury, assurance needs including internal audit; and efficacy of internal controls systems. You can rely on world class risk assurance, supporting you in the everyday and helping you thrive moving forward. Our team of professionals takes a holistic approach you can trust, working alongside you, assisting with compliance and assurance, advising on critical business issues and applying creative, innovative thinking to help you better navigate risks and opportunities.

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Robert Melikyan

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