Our Company

“Melikyans & Co” LLC was founded in 1999 and is the legal successor of “Sil Audit” LLC and “Arparagon International” LLC. The Company maintains its position in ensuring transparency of its activities and has extensive experience in business management, tax consulting, financial and economic analysis, financial audit, training and legal consulting in the international arena of the Republic of Armenia, thanks to the international experience of the company’s management.

We provide personalized services, headed by shareholders and managers who meet the highest professional standards, meet the needs of the public sector and rapidly growing companies.

Our shareholders and managers have extensive experience in international audit and onsulting companies.

We provide the following services:


Audit of companies and consulting

Our approach is to help organizations and companies identify internal control gaps, external, internal, financial, business risks, and provide appropriate solutions at the beginning of the audit process. With this approach, we provide the customer with added value (additional services), helping to identify risk factors that can have a significant impact on the customer’s work.

We have a 4-year experience in providing audit services to organizations working in various fields. Below is the list of the missions successfully completed by “Melikyans and Co.” LLC, which confirms the company’s extensive experience.